Tips to get good customer reviews

TIPS TO GET MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS.Today’s world is fiercely competitive for businesses. Having a strong bank of glowing customer reviews is a fantastic way to lend credibility to your site, and brand and is an important piece

In today’s world reviews are the most important, as it acts like a great tool to increase prospect customers trust on you and make you lead the competition with their business growing and glowing with more and more customers the more better the review is the more credit it gives to you on the web. We go and do anything today we always check reviews first whether we’re buying product or going to learn something we always take feedbacks from previous users as even boosts the morale for customer to keep hard earned money safe. 

Promise what you will deliver to get good customer reviews

TIPS TO GET MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS.You may have heard the old adage: “under-promise and over-deliver.” This advice to provide an exceptional customer experience is the number one rule in laying the foundations for getting great reviews. Go above and beyond at every stage of the customer experience. Make sure each person that your customer interacts with offers excellent customer service

Making fake promises just to get the project is not a very good approach as it leads to disagreement at later stage which is very much not acceptable in the industry. For company’s growth and references each and every one of your client should be offered a genuine service. There can be unhappy moments but try to be gentle all the time. 🙂 

Think you are the customer to get good customer review

TIPS TO GET MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS.Let your customers know that you appreciate their business and care about their feedback. Use any requests for a review as an opportunity to make sure your customer was satisfied with their purchase or interaction with your company. Asking for reviews is pretty commonplace, but where most companies go wrong is by placing the emphasis on how important a customer review is to their business. Instead, shift the focus around the value of a customer review to be about the benefit that it offers other people who are looking for honest feedback about your products or services.

The moment you start thinking that you are the customer the better is going to be for your business as you are going to think from his shoes. Always make sure when there is any project completion or any transaction customer is always happy if any support is required and when it is required should be given to him on immediate basis. Studies have shown that 60% of business comes through a good word for your business. Focus should be on satisfying the delivery to the customer instead of getting more people to your business. 

Ask improvements in service from customer to get good customer review 

TIPS TO GET MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS.Tell them how much you enjoyed working with them and that you think their experience would be a great one to share with others. When the customer feels as though you’ve taken a personal interest in their opinion, they’ll be much more likely to give it.

Ask your customer but how much they enjoyed or what  are the improvements that they would need but would suggest can be a help in better service. Whenever customer is thinking that you are taking it very much personal interest in the opinion of theirs they’re going to like it a lot and always refer someone they know directly to you.  The most straightforward and easy approach are non-lengthy approach followed to get the customer feedback the more better and the more possibility is there that the customer will give you has genuine opinion and he will be more thankful and always be referring you. For example: How would you like to rate our service from 1to5(where 5 is the best.)  

Remind your customer for review
TIPS TO GET MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS.Don’t just ask for a review once. Remind your customers of the importance of reviews in all key marketing communications. People may develop a stronger opinion or appreciation of your product or service over time, so that a review submitted after six months may be even more valuable than one given the day after a transaction. Allow enough time to pass for your customer to have used your product, or seen longer term results from a service and then send another email asking them if they are happy with the purchase, and to please leave feedback if they are.

Don’t just ask for a review once. If a customer doesn’t give us review there is a chance that he might not be satisfied you should remind him with new offers or with other communication materials and appreciate them for buying their product or thank them for your growth even a review submitted like after a month can help. You can allow customers time so that they can see the results of your service or your purchase done and if the service is very good and you are very much confident on the product you have given to him trust me he’s going to come with the best feedback you can get as he will be having the best experience through you. Remember the excellent the retainment of the customers are the better is your business. 

Show Your Gratitude to customer to get good customer review 
TIPS TO GET MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS.Offering an incentive for leaving feedback is an excellent way to get people to create a review. It doesn’t have to be much. An entry into a competition, a free sample, or a discount off of their next purchase are all offers to consider. Be clear that this incentive is not related to their feedback. You are thanking them for taking the time to describe their experience honestly, not bribing them to leave a positive review.

You can give the customer an offer just for him that he can claim after giving the review such as a discount offer or maybe a free sample keep one thing in mind we cannot bribe the customer for the feedback you can thank him instead with a very positive attitude for taking some time out for leaving their feedback for us. 

Start from beginning 

If you have just started a new business but yes you’ve got couple of customers with a good relationship with you with their ongoing projects you can ask them for the time for feedback on the ongoing projects how are they feeling what are the improvements etc. use genuine methods to get feedback’s believe me they can be spotted very easily. 

Be patient will go well

Always keep one thing in mind that good reviews or good things doesn’t happen over the night so there’s not going to be a flood coming very soon so be patient the more patient you are the more better it is for you once you start getting it there would be no stopping provide the good quality service or product with a with a great customer support. Thanks will come up for you in a very positive way and help you in every aspect of growing your business.