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Online Marketing. Landing pages often aim to make the users life easier, or the brand more appealing, right off the bat. This is commonly executed within websites by having an exclusive offer, promotional code or targeted content. Examples of this would include a message advertising a special offer encouraging users to subscribe to email to access a discount code or have a chance to win a prize or invite to an event.

Online marketing search engine optimization is totally focused towards gaining organic search engine optimization the better the marketing will be and long lasting it will be however what is still a source of confusion is online marketing tactics what can be used on the website what is already working and marketing efforts is going to be fruitful within given budget. Web sites often use landing pages and maybe a multi-channel strategy is used on social media. Also look at inbound leads from many channels 

Landing page importance in online Marketing

Online Marketing. While optimising your homepage is important, landing pages offer the biggest opportunity for control and thus conversion. Landing pages offer the most engaging experience for users and give you the opportunity to hold their attention long enough to demonstrate your relevant value proposition to them.

The difference of a landing page instead of a page or a home page are landing page is highly specifically targeted towards a keyword and exactly made for a particular location or particular day, but versions of the normal pages on the website have to be very much in detail. While running campaigns we always use landing pages and even it becomes a funnel for the right customer to come to us and quickly increases the conversion rate for keyword. 

Optimized page important in online Marketing

Online Marketing. Notice that we said optimised pages and landing pages are ideal for search engine traffic? Although this is a large source of website traffic, it does not account for everything. The remaining traffic may be from word of mouth, offline marketing campaigns or promotional events, and this traffic isn’t as targeted.

The better the page performs on Google it means the page is optimized in the world of organic SEO. You have to optimize from every aspect. You have to optimize for specific keywords so that relevant page is ranked for a particular keyword search, Instead of just sending everyone to the home page. It again helps us in conversion and they’re always very much appreciated by search engines like Google and Bing or any other as they are very much relevant to order what user is searching for and looking for there are a lot of techniques to do it. 

Audience on Landing pages used in online Marketing

Online Marketing. Landing pages are commonly used for paid campaigns or other campaigns which you can manually designate a destination for a link. And Optimised pages are used when SEO and organic results are needed for a specific keyword; ideally both landing pages and optimised pages will be used in any SEM mix.-By ensuring maximum relevancy for search engine terms, particularly in product based eCommerce marketing- this will result in increasing conversion rates and reducing bounce rates of search engine traffic.

Landing pages can be commonly used for direct audience and correct one. If we talk about any paid campaigns we mostly use landing pages. Ideally both landing pages and optimized pages will be used in any SEM mix. By ensuring maximum relevancy for search engine terms, particularly in product based eCommerce marketing will result in increasing conversion rates and reducing bounce rates of search engine traffic. 

Audience on Home page used in online Marketing
Online Marketing. While optimized pages are similar to landing pages, they are not the same thing. Where as you can control what specific landing page a PPC result goes to, in the world of organic SEO- this is dependent on what ranks higher with Google and search engines. Often marketers will optimize certain pages based on specific keywords, so that they will rank higher than their homepage to ensure the most relevant page with the highest chance of conversion is clicked on.  

Notice that a large source of website traffic doesn’t account for everything the remaining traffic maybe from word of mouth offline marketing campaigns or promotional events. For all we do use our home page so you need to have a great home page yes it is required. Only landing pages will not do alone by ensuring that you have an optimized homepage and the best navigation feasible there you can even use your landing pages further and multiply the conversion ratio in that manner of good spirit. 

Landing page and Home page both important in online Marketing
Online Marketing. Landing pages are classically used in pay per click campaigns, and are designed for when people click on a specific campaign link- such as paid search result on Google, they will land on a related page. They are different to homepages as they are highly targeted to a specific niche, service or function of a business- related to the keyword that was targeted

If I’m using home page Do I need a landing page? In Landing pages our aim to make users life easier or more brand appealing right off the bat this is commonly executed within the website by having an exclusive offer promotional code etc. on very specifically targeted content it will never have any common content we can give discount codes on the access of the email chances to win invite to an event is to give her take approach to landing pages this is particularly useful in optimizing the home page is equally important. Landing pages offer the biggest opportunity to convert and control your conversion rate it gives the user the best engaging experience for the particular keyword and give the answers for them to hold their attention long enough to demonstrate your relevant value proportional you need to have landing pages so if the user just leaves your page by just as subscribing do you email or maybe your card by just not buying any product you can move towards reapproaching that user with his collected info then give him some offers to call him back then. 

How do I optimize the landing page? 

Online Marketing. A lot of online marketing terms can seem like jargon to small business owners. Not only do a lot of these practices seem complicated in theory- but a lack of understanding of what they achieve in practice can make them unappealing for small business owners.

These days optimizations are done on various factors Speed, Visibility, Relevance. You should make the customer feel relevant valuable without bombarding him with spamming messages it takes a while to be perfect but yes we should get started. Popups can be helpful but in a very unstrained manner not just messing up with the clients brain Or making it annoying.  

Think about client and in order to effectively do that give some options to the user to view it or not view it or maybe take the user experience did you like it or did you not like it was it relevant or was it not relevant for you ask further input by the user text if he said this is relevant remind him if he doesn’t feel there is no need to remind him again and again by generating pop up in front of him keep the user happy engaged and they will leave happy. 

Popups are a perfect way to grab users attention but it should be only when it is required otherwise designing a landing page which is outcome focused with very much little opportunity to distraction will guide the users to conversion point. A great way of constructing landing pages that hold visitors attention is by using the ‘attention ratio’. 

The attention ratio is a way to measure your landing page’s potential for conversion by assessing the ratio of conversion points to links on a page. By aiming to have a 1:1 ratio of conversion points (such as buttons) to non-conversion based links, you’ll be guiding users towards a behavior that has a positive outcome for conversion rates. 

What are the benefits of optimizing a landing page?  

The goal of any website is to educate the user about your business In a very managed way. The more professional it is and the more optimized as a word which declares your professionalism on the web and increases the purchase resulting to a very good conversion ratio or if you have to reduce the bounce rate of your landing page where it started reducing or decreasing you are moving towards optimizing the page. 

Conversions cannot be just by filling out a contact form, but it could be downloading eBooks the subscribing of an email database you have to set up a goal on your landing page in particular you have to start how effective they are for achieving marketing or sales goal you have for your business every general example in Google analytics is used to set up goal based analysis and also measure what is the bounce rate from specific pages or landing pages including your new or existing landing pages will help you too check your optimization version. 

How do I make sure that my landing pages was very much effective? 

There are some online tools which are just for online marketing some are not. They just measured the online marketing and the conversion ratio he did always keep one thing in mind when measuring the effectiveness of a landing page the relevance is regarding reducing the bounce rate the more reduction is done more optimized your pages are in converting it. On the papers there is no real way to do it what is best way to achieve the best quality only depends and varies from user to user measuring keep doing changes first step is understanding the behavior like some teams will work and some will not we can improve on the theories which are working can you find out the answers wild theories didn’t work which we applied earlier. The most common and well the most effective way to start testing audience is with the use of  a simple process. we have a controlled group of users or visitors or maybe we can offer them some engagement techniques some offer discounts if they like rate forever landing places suggest just the improvements we can start working on them with the collective feed that’s this shows you will you grab closer connection and what’s the knot and what needs to be improved more you will definitely find a solution that will lead to conversion. 

How do I make sure that my messaging is not annoying?  

There is just a simple technique do not do too much nor very less just stay in between regular follow-ups and also important is following is also very bad an following too much there’s also very bad so keep it I think he follow up after some time or interval is a great thing whether it is through messaging whether it’s through text messages there are some additional things when it comes to pop ups you must ensure the user experience isn’t too much distracting too that you’re offering. As there are more mobile users than desktop users on the Internet imperatively to make sure the websites are particularly more mobile friendly as well. There is nothing more annoying than a popover that doesn’t render well on mobile devices and the even sometimes I’ve seen that when we try to close it doesn’t go away and so it really hides everything behind it entire work you have done goes unseen if that popup doesn’t move out when it is required to be.  

So using pop-ups is OK but make sure that when user doesn’t want it he is able to remove it in some way or the other. Be mindful the size of images that is too big can affect the load time other page which is not good keep the proportion equal this is not going to be too much they just aren’t sure that they will find the value or not you have to make them communicate effectively keeping the file size for a minimum. Ask something for the first time visitor such as encouraging them to subscribe to database more landing pages are frequently visited it is a good idea not to do ask someone who has seen it previously. 

so there is lot of things that we had we can do in online marketing and maximize our revenue so get going and good luck as these are the above things which can work well and help you a lot in achieving your goal.